A ride through the park


My hubs loves biking, and has been wanting to get out together for quite some time. I have too actually, well at least since the weather got cool. We have been delayed though, because my bike needed a new wheel. So once we got that done we were ready to go.
This afternoon was our first chance, so we took our bikes over to Tower Grove park and rode around. It was glorious! The weather was nice, the park beautiful, we had a great time.

There is a trail somewhere outside of the city that goes pretty far, all the way up to a winery! I think that sounds fun, maybe spend a day riding stop at the winery for lunch and then bike back.
I hope to accomplish this while it’s still warm. Any St. Louis friends with bikes wanna join? Let’s plan a trip!

Anyway, here a just a few shots from today.





Everyone have a great weekend! Play outside!

Emily B.




Etsy Shop time!


Yes I decided to do the scarf thing Via Etsy. It’s super excited, we will see if I get any bites though. I am fully aware that my family and I may only be the ones who like these things. And that’s ok, at least I’m trying!

Click HERE to see my site on Etsy.

Here is the newest addition to my scarf collection. You can find/purchase it on Etsy. I think this will be the best way to go about selling. This way I won’t get overwhelmed with orders. It’s simple, if you like it buy it! And it’s already made. 🙂

Thanks so much everyone! Means a lot that you check out my blog!



New Recipe/ fun baking


This is my first post via iPhone, so let’s see how it goes. How great is it to have a blog on an app? Gosh technology moves fast.

On to the point. I tried a new recipe a few days ago and it turned out great. I Just love it when you put forth the effort in something and it turns out great!
So here’s what I made.
Chickpea burgers with a cucumber ribbon salad. Here’s a picture!


And just for fun, and because the breeze outside is cool. I made banana bread! I’m so excited about fall coming I can’t stand it. The whole loft smells like banana bread now. 🙂


Just had to add the little owl guy to the picture. He makes it way more fallish. Even though I use him year round.

The missing piece


Here’s another thing I’ve been wanting to change about our place. It’s a hanging light fixture, not only is it not my style, but its way to short. The light bulb hangs out and blinds you when you turn it on. We have even tried a lower voltage bulb, but still no dice. Here is a pictures of the annoying light fixture.

Doesn’t really fit does it? And just look how far down the bulb hangs out!

So per a picture I saw on Pintrest and a suggestion by my mother in law, I went on a hunt. I went to goodwill and found an old wicker basket, cut a hole in the bottom and viola!

Matches much better doesn’t it? And what’s best is the light! It is no longer blinding, it gives a perfect amount of glow. I am so excited to finally be able to flip that switch.






It’s the simple things right? I just love finding new ways decorate things to “our style.”








The Reveal


This is the post I’m excited about. I’ve been working on these scarfs for a little while now and I can’t wait for some feedback. As of now I plan to sell them by request, but I am considering my options in the near future of selling them via etsy, or a similar site.

I only have these three right now, but more are in the works. I think they look great long or doubled up. What do you think?

Why I love them:

1. They are cute

2. They are made from recycled t-shirts

3. Each one is unique. No two people will have the exact same scarf. I will post pictures as new ones are created! I am open to requests for colors, we will see how that goes for now.

I hope you enjoy them! Since this idea is in its infancy, please shoot me an email if you are interested in purchasing or have any questions. Email to:


Thanks for your support!





Homemade Scarfs


I am officially going to try my hand at selling a homemade craft. A scarf to be exact, I’m pretty excited about them.

They are a mixture of styles in my opinion. Mainly I would classify them as hipster, but I wouldn’t say that they can’t be girly and cute (I am considering ways to make them more masculine for all the guys out there who enjoy having a warm neck in the winter.)

This post is just to let everyone know that they are coming soon. The following post will include pictures.

Get ready.

Shutter Love


I live in a Loft, an old wire factory to be exact. It is very unique and homey. But with Loft living comes a lack of storage space. Most of our extra boxes are stored on top of the bathroom, there is a solid space up there. For a long time I have been considering what I can put up there to block those boxes from sight. This weekend the answer presented itself, in the form of the dumpster across the street. A classic case of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” Or in this case, insert the word woman.

So after some serious dusting, and quite a bit of climbing.. This is what we have!

So what do you think? Like the brown? Or should I consider a paint job?