Shout out time!


Hey everybody!

Hope you have all had a great start to your week. Pretty uneventful here at the Belcher house. About the only thing that’s pressing on us is to get our stuff packed up, we are moving to a new apartment in two weeks! It’s in a different part of town, and we are excited to explore a new area! It will be right across from Forest Park, which is the primary park here in St.Louis. It contains the Zoo, the Museums, and in the winter an outdoor ice skating rink! It’s actually larger than Central Park in NY. Anyway, packing is the main theme for the next few weeks.

I just wanted to do a quick post to shout out to some of the blogs I follow. They are all unique and awesome in their own way.

First is a blog written by a friend of mine in KY. Check out her Blog HERE! She has some great ideas, whether new recipes, workout plans, decorations…etc.

Second is a girl I went to school with. Her blog is really special because they are trying to raise funding to adopt a little boy from Ethiopia! Check it out, she even has cute T-shirts for sale on etsy, and all the money goes towards their adoption. Not only that, she and her husband have done some SUPER cute renovations in their house. Click HERE.

Last is a blog I stumbled across from the amazing world of PINTREST. This blog is INCREDIBLE for DIY home renovations. Some really cute stuff I must say. It is a married couple who have actually made a carrier off of their blog. They spend most of their time posting and finding more DIY things to do around their house. Sounds like a great job huh?? Maybe someday….. Click HERE.


So there ya go! Check ’em out if you have time, support them if you’re into following blogs. They sure are good ones. 🙂




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